Coal River Lodge

On The Alaska Highway


The chocolates make great Christmas gifts!

In October I begin making fresh chocolates for the Christmas Season.

If you would like to order, please contact me at


Coal River has the distinction of being home to my world renowned chocolates and jams. I love making all of them from the berries and fruit from the northern BC area. The best part is seeing how much people enjoy and appreciate the home made goodness.

These tasty treats make for unique gifts for yourself or for friends back home. The chocolate flavors bring back a state of nostalgia for some, bringing back childhood memories. These chocolates have been savored in Europe, Japan, Australia, The United States, and all across Canada. There is simply nothing quite like them and I'm sure you'll agree once you have a taste!


  • Saskatoon - Violet
  • Chokecherry - Fuschia
  • Raspberry - Red
  • Wild Cranberry - Gold
  • Wild Blueberry - Blue
  • Strawberry - Green
  • Red Current - Lavender
  • Gooseberry - Silver

Ingredients: chocolate, sugar, berries and/or juice, pectin.